HSA Prep Dance

The HSA Prep Dance Program offers students, ages 12 to 18, the highest level of dance training by audition or invitation only. Dance Prep students must take all required classes including special workshops and academic courses, and will be selected by audition for all seasonal performances.

Performances will be comprised of select advanced students, professional guest artists, and guest choreographers from dance companies, Broadway, film, television, and international productions.
Dance Prep students will also gain inspiration with trips to outside dance performances and visits from guest artists.

Workshops will expose Dance Prep students to the entrepreneurial side of preparing to be a professional dancer, and fully prepare them for the audition process.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ages 7-11: Auditions at 11am
pre-prep; partial scholarship
Ages 12-17: Auditions at 1pm
prep; full scholarship

For RSVP and further Information, contact:
Nadege Noel, HSA Prep Director
212.926.4100 x140

The entrance audition for the Dance department consists of four levels. In order to continue to the next level of the audition, a dancer must be called back.

All four levels will take place on the same day, and candidates should be prepared to spend a full day at the audition in the event they are called back for the final level of assessment. Dancers may wish to bring lunch or a snack to the audition, as breaks between sections will not be long enough to leave the audition site.

Also, please note that family and friends will not be allowed to observe the audition, and, depending on the set-up of the audition site, may not be able to have contact with the applicant until the audition is finished.

  1. The audition consists of a class that is a combination of ballet and modern. Required dress for the ballet section is black leotard, suntan convertible tights, and ballet shoes for women; and white t-shirt, black tights, white socks, and white ballet shoes for men. Pointe shoes are not needed. For the modern dance section, candidates must be barefoot. Applicants who demonstrate a strong technical base during this portion of the audition may be called back.

  2. Dancers who are called back will be asked to perform one solo of their choosing, from repertory or original choreography, not to exceed two minutes in length. The purpose of the solo is to present the dancer as a performer, and performance piece chosen by the dancer, should show the candidate’s range as well as his/her ability to project. Each applicant is advised to provide a CD recording with accompaniment for the solo, and it is recommended that each candidate bring a backup copy of their accompaniment on a CD or iPod should one be needed. Each candidate should be prepared to tell the panel the name of the solo, the choreographer, and the composer. Some applicants, based on the panel’s review of solos, will be asked to return for the next level of the audition.

  3. Dancers who are called back will be taught and coached on a brief repertory sequence. During this level of the audition, the panel will be most interested in how the dancer picks up and interprets choreography, how they respond to and incorporate corrections, and how they function as a member of a group in a rehearsal-like setting.

  4. Based on the panel’s evaluation of both callback sessions, a select group of applicants will be asked to stay for the final stage of the audition, an interview. The purpose of the interview is to gain insight into the student’s interests outside of the dance studio, his/her personal and professional goals, and to help assess whether the student is intellectually and emotionally ready to enter a rigorous conservatory environment.

For further Information contact:

Ronald Alexander, HSA Prep Director
212.926.4100 x332



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