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Maria Ahn



Maria Ahn (Cello) is the cellist for the visionary Ahn Trio. Born in Seoul, Korea, raised in New York City and Juilliard trained, Maria tours extensively with Ahn Trio around the globe. Showing promise of her talent early on, Maria performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia Orchestra as a result of winning both orchestras' Young People's Auditions soon after her family moved to the US.

Maria is the guiding force behind the unique voice of Ahn Trio. The Trio has released 6 critically acclaimed albums on EMI Classics, SONY & Warner, respectively, and is in high demand for performances as well as master classes and workshops worldwide.

The Ahn Trio's passionate dedication for arts education has led to numerous residencies and outreach programs, including working with the Lincoln Center Institute. Their chamber music collaborations with diverse and eclectic art forms have won rave reviews worldwide, and the Trio was recently invited to perform at the prestigious TED conference. The Trio is also the only classical group to be invited to perform at the iTunes Festival in the UK.

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